Hip Hop Fashion Essay

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It 's a calm Friday afternoon, and I figured what’s better than having a little nostalgic moment and watching old hip-hop videos. I started with Biggies ‘s "Hypnotize" then I moved all the way to Lil Wayne’s "Bling Bling" . I thought to myself, “ My, has Hip-Hop fashion changed” from Armani suits, to tank tops and sagging jeans. But one thing I can say, these men in the beginning of their careers have never been considered homosexual because no matter what they wore it was still considered “street” or “hardcore” in the music industry.

Well, there are some new kids on the block and they are more controversial than ever. And I’m not talking about the covered in tattoos and piercings kind that your parents warned you about in middle school
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You may have seen his recent cover for mixtape Jeffery (2016) swarming all over social media, with Young Thug posing in an Alessandro Trincone ruffled dress number. The Hip Hop world has been up and arm’s debating whether or not this is something to be accepted. Recently in a Complex Magazine video blog, the magazine did a survey on how they felt about Thug’s recent attire. One person, in particular, was not a fan of this little number – Rapper Fat Joe stated, “I know I would never wear a dress.” But surprisingly, the Hip Hop millennial artist was highly supportive. Rapper A$AP Ferg gave credit to Thugs revolutionary style calling it “glam rock, hip hop, gangsta”, while “Panda” rapper Desiigner called the piece,“art”. So whose to say it wasn’t so much controversial but just flat out bold and daring? And what about Kanye West - the so-called “Leader of the High Fashion Hip Hop World”? He’s even been called the infamous homophobic “f” word by fellow rap Artist 50 Cent criticizing his fashion forward style. Kanye was also recently criticized for wearing a Celine women’s blouse to the 2011 Coachella event. * Sigh* and the list goes

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