The Brand Manager For Unme Jeans Essay

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Margaret Foley is the brand manager for UnME Jeans. UnME jeans was “one of the most successful up-and coming players in the junior denim market.” Their name is derived from “you and me” to encourage teenagers and young women to be unique and individual. The brand also wants young women to break away from peer pressure; instead of falling into peer pressure they encourage accepting and appreciating different styles. Foley is faced with the challenge of expanding her marketing efforts into Web 2.0, which has rapidly grown and taken over most of the consumers’ media consumption.
After evaluating UnME Jeans’ current situation, there are some important items to consider. UnME jeans is a fashion trend leader and has positioned themselves through advertising spots on popular programs that teenagers and young adults watch. Their products are sold in upscale department stores and focus on having individuality, but not many know about their brand. UnME jeans also has little experience with using social networks of Web 2.0 and have a smaller budget compared to bigger name brands. UnME Jeans is open and ready to adapt to marketing in Web 2.0 which allow them to talk to their customers on various platforms while spending less than they would on traditional advertising. With consumer’s media habits constantly changing, a shift of spending is a risk UnME Jeans will need to take.
Their current media plan includes traditional channels such as magazines, television, and radio with minimal…

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