The Boys And Girls And The Chrysanthemums Analysis

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The female characters in The Boys and Girls and The Chrysanthemum are oppressed by society, reminding them of what gender they are, and not letting them do anything they desire. The Narrator in “The Boys and Girls” was really trying be a boy deep down. Elisa in The Chrysanthemums, don’t care about anything, but she is trying live life good. In The Boys and girls & The Chrysanthemums, both stories the female characters are told that they aren’t just female, they’re just women and they shouldn 't be told what to do by a male. A woman is a person who is treated like a grown person. Female could be any age level, A girl is a female that is not in the same level as a woman, and not mature enough and fully developed. The Narrator in The Boys and Girls tried so hard to make her life better by helping her father, but she was not treated right and was not given much credit for what she earned. The Chrysanthemums, Elisa was a good flower gardener and she was a good person but her husband was not a good person. He didn’t treat her right and he tried to put her down. She had herself and didn 't trip over anything, and she found a better person: the guy that fixes the pot, and kitchen stove and more. He was good person and he put her up more and more. She …show more content…
Elsia didn 't like what her husband but didn 't take the pot as a bad person. She was proud of what she is about what and she does. She has great talent but all that got wasted because she is in a little box that “Women” should not be. She thought she found a good person but he wasn 't good as she thought. She didn 't see a reason why he would do all that bad thing. It was hard for her to make sense out of all of it. So she tried to find a reason to justify his actions. She was a good person who didn 't like any harm and fights so she kept to herself and didn 't want anything that 's close to a something

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