Similarities And Differences Between Curley's Wife And Of Mice And Men

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In the short story “The Chrysanthemums” and the novel Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck portrays two women and their lives on Salinas ranches during the great depression who are trapped as a result of their gender. In “The Chrysanthemums”, Elisa is married to Henry, who makes her feel fenced off by making gardening her whole world. In Of mice and Men a women, a women only known as Curley’s wife is also fenced off by her selfish, and aggressive husband. Both of the women that Steinbeck portrays lead a very boring life because they are blocked off from the real world. Both women have some similarities and differences, they both have controlling husbands, and they both lack relationships and attention. However, they do have differences, Curley’s Wife has a dream life that she knows she can not …show more content…
However, when the tinker was there she seemed much more engaged and happy, she even let down her hair. While the tinker is there she gives him some of her precious chrysanthemums with a pot. After the tinker leaves she has a totally different behavior and she has some hope that her life could turn around. After bathing, she looks at her body in the mirror then she dresses. She dosen’t get back into her old manly cloths instead, she puts on a pretty dress. When Henry gets back to the house she is no longer content with their superficial relationship they had. By this time Elisa had began to develop a sense of independence. In the novel Of Mice and Men Curley 's wife who is described as “purty”, is also thought to be colky, made up, and a tramp. Curley’s wife is always put together, seeking for attention. Throughout her life she has always felt that the only way for her to get attention from others is to be provocative around them. When she married the mean man, Curley she had made the biggest mistake in her life. She trapped herself in a life that she couldn 't get out of, it was an empty lonely

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