The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Quiz Essay

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Quiz
Please write using complete sentence and use your own words for each answer. Be sure to check grammar and spelling. You may write on the quiz sheet, but it is recommended you use own paper for writing answers.

1. Why are Bruno (Asa Butterfield) and Shmuel (Jack) drawn to each other, despite their opposing circumstances?
Bruno and Shmuel are drawn to each other simply because they are two kids of similar age that don’t have any friends where they reside. Despite their “political” differences, they were able to relate to one another by playing games and just getting a sense of each other’s daily lives and activities

2. Gretel (Amber Beattie) believes Father (David Thewlis) and his peers in
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4. To what extent is Elsa (Vera Farmiga), Bruno’s mother, aware of the true nature of the camp? And to what extent is she morally responsible for what happens in the story?
Elsa’s knowledge of the camp and its purpose were vague at first. All she knew was that the people who resided there were different from her. It’s not until Lieutenant Kotler gave her a hint of what was taking place at the “camp” was when she began to make sense of what actually happened at the camp, and what her husband was actually doing to serve his country. Ultimately, she is responsible for the tragedy that occurs at the end of the story. The extent of her responsibilities is very slight. She could never imagine anything would alter her world for the worse and determine the demise of her son. Anything and everything she did for Bruno was of his best interests and safety. Not once did it cross her mind that the day they would make the transition of moving would be the last day she would see her son. Unfortunately, it was her initial views of Jews that eventually led to the murder of Bruno.

5. What happens to the boys at the end of the film, and how is the conclusion significant?
The boys eventually meet their demise at the end of the film. Shmuel, who began to express concern about the whereabouts of his father to Bruno, influenced him to see if they can find him. Bruno only looked at it as an adventure where he would go into the camp incognito and find Shmuel’s father, and at the

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