The Book Thief By Mark Zusak Essay

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Mark Zusak incorporated a wide range of literary techniques to recreate experiences and emotions in WW2. He uses a range of techniques to recreate Nazi Germany and tell a story from a different point of view.

Zusak tells the story from an omnipresent third person narrator who is known as death. Death narrates the entirety of the book providing an insight into events that other characters in the book would not have been able to see or experience. During some parts of the book Death also narrates from Liesel’s point of view. This gives the book a more humane point of view.
The Book Thief is a story about Liesel Meminger and the life that she leads. She is a young girl coming to live with Hans and Rosa Hubermann, who are her adoptive parents.
The story is focused on the sorrows and joys of her life, whether that be hiding Max Vandenberg, a Jew who is hiding the the Nazi Regime or reading books. Zusak uses examples of Nazi Germany at the time to make his book seem more authentic. Humanity is an important part of the Book Thief and it provides a deeper and more emotional meaning.

Setting plays very important role in the Book Thief. The book Thief takes place in the fictional town of Molching, Germany on the way to the Dachau Concentration Camp. The majority of the story is set in Liesel’s home 33 Himmel Street and Munich Street. At the start of the book, Liesel is on a train with her mother and brother. During this first part, Liesel witnesses her brother die right in front…

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