The Book ' The Malchance Brothers ' Essay

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The Malchance Brothers
“Get up. It 's time for school!” yelled Mrs.Malchance.
One of the two 13-year-old short and frail brothers named Nathan prepared to get out of bed, until he realized that he was already out of bed on the floor face down. He had rolled over off their bed in his sleep. The other brother Lucas had slept weirdly and had a large amount of aching pain in his back due to it.
“Hey Nathan how did you sleep,” Lucas asked.
“Not very well, I fell off my bed during the night” Nathan responded. “and I feel like there is something in my hair, but I can’t feel it, can you check?”
“No,” Lucas answered, “I’m to tired.” They went over to their connecting bathroom and started their rusted up small shower. Looking in the mirror over the , Lucas saw his black hair going in all directions from his head. Nathan 's pale, freckled face had a small amount of green goo coming from his hair. Then he looked up at his hair and then realized that he had slept with putty in his bed and now it was stuck in his hair. They came up with a phenomenal plan to have Nathan stand still as Lucas tried to pull out the putty.
“AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Nathan screamed in pain. His head now had a bald spot were blond hair used to be. Nathan started to feel a harsh sting on his brand new bald spot. Lucas was first to go in the shower. The shower was only dribbling out freezing water that neither of them wanted to go into. “Great. What do we do now?” asked Lucas. “We will just have to go to school…

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