The Book Of Job : An Exploration Of The Issue Of Human Suffering

2058 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
As I begin to read the book of Job, I began an exploration of the issue of human suffering despite God’s goodness and power throughout the ages, the questions of why people suffer and why evil continues. Then I realized that had the book of Job not been written nor this experience been given to us, there would be a lot more questions left unanswered. As I read more, I begin to find out things about God that I would not have known nor discovered in the other books of the Bible. The book of Job explains the problems of why good men are afflicted; it is in order to grow their sanctification. The word “perfect” in Job 1:1 does not mean “sinless perfection” but rather perfect in his efforts to please and bring glory to the Lord in all he did. Job was a great man, the richest man in that time. In all his efforts and doing his best, he would find to his dismay that when he measured himself up to others he looked good; but when he measured himself before God Himself he was nothing (Job 40:4). Although Job was “perfect”, God would choose Job to proclaim to us sanctification. Job was not an unconverted man but rather a converted man. The book didn’t have anything to do with the sinner being saved but rather the Child of God being sanctified. God allows the innocent to suffer in order to demonstrate His Sovereignty and He wants to receive glory even when His People suffer. He wants His Child to preserve in faith, even without understanding why. Job 1:8 says, “And the LORD said unto…

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