The Book Of Ether, The Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Permeable Heroes It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a flying-man wearing red and blue tights? Whenever there seems to be trouble, many like think that there is some super being that will swoop in to save them in any time of peril. If a child was asked who his hero is, most would reply by saying spider-man, batman, or someone who is explained as a “superhero.” This is because of the way these characters are portrayed. Children watch superhero movies where the hero always comes out on top. These comedies make heroes look perfect and without any real flaw. This is not only a fantasy, but a cruel one at that! All true heroes seem to not only have flaws, but come to terms with them, and acknowledge them. This makes these weaknesses strong. In the book of Ether, the Lord states that he shows man his weakness so it will humble him. When man comes to God with his weakness and in humility, then the Lord will make “weak things become strong unto them.”(The Book of Mormon, Ether 12:27). It’s the man that is the same person in the tough times, as well as the good ones who meets the true requirements of heroism. The man that is there through the ups and the downs. The man that is always there to help, with nothing expected in return. This is why I consider my hero to be my grandpa, Dan Hale. Hale 2 Although he may not wear a cape or have the ability to fly, my grandpa has a few traits that make him more of a man than any…

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