Characteristics Of Hamlet As A Tragic Hero

Hamlet’s Character as a Tragic Hero
Tragedy is one of the major and one of the most popular genres of theatre. It was basically popularized by the greatest playwright of all ages, William Shakespeare. Tragedies are a kind of plays based on human sufferings and audience feel pity for the characters as the play goes on. The protagonist of a tragedy or a revenge tragedy is a noble person, often called as ‘tragic hero’. Basically a tragic hero is someone who suffers a lot of mental and physical traumas during the play and sometime meets with a very tragic death. According to John Kelly, a tragic hero is, “Someone who begins in a state of prosperity comes into contact with a force much larger than he is, and then, for the tragic part, undergoes
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The character of Hamlet is considered as one of most complex fictional character created by William Shakespeare. Every time we see and examine the character, we find some new traits in it. Hamlet is like an enigma. No matter how many times it is analyzed, the real color of Hamlet’s character is never found. On one hand, hamlet is miserable young man, in self imposed exile from the society and on the other he is the hero for the people of Denmark. He is enthusiastic, energetic, and bold and at the same time, he is also miserable, angry and suicidal who is not really happy with his life. He is a very good observant and can play very well at twisting and manipulating …show more content…
Hubris or excessive pride is one of the major characteristics of a tragic hero. According to this characteristic, the tragic hero has to suffer more than he deserves because of his arrogance. However this trait is not found in Hamlet’s character. Throughout the play, Hamlet is given self doubt. Many times Shakespeare manages to show his lack of confidence regarding the revenge. There are many other minor traits which add something to his character as a tragic hero. These traits are-
• Hero must suffer more than he deserves.
• Hero must be doomed from the start, but bears no responsibility for possessing his flaw.
• Hero must be noble in nature, but imperfect so that the audience can see themselves in him.
• Hero must have discovered his fate by his own actions, not by things happening to him.
• Hero must understand his doom, as well as the fact that his fate was discovered by his own actions.
• Hero's story should arouse fear and empathy.
• Hero must be physically or spiritually wounded by his experiences, often resulting in his death.
• The hero must be intelligent so he may learn from his mistakes.
• The hero must have a weakness, usually it is pride.
• He has to be faced with a very serious decision that he has to

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