The Chernobyl Three By Irena Sendler Analysis

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The basic meaning of a hero is that they are self sacrificing, brave, and courageous is a really good way of talking about them. But the real heros are the ones that do the acts of heroism like the people in these paragraphs.

A good self sacrificing hero is giving up something they want or something they desire for the greater good or to help others.These self sacrificing men at the The Chernobyl Three “the Chernobyl explosion is one of the most harrowing examples in history of the danger nuclear power can pose if it isn’t kept in check. But the disaster itself could have been much, much worse if it wasn’t for the actions of three men. It was quickly decided that someone needed to drain the pool, in order to save the lives of potentially
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This brave hero named Irena Sendler there are boundless examples of courage during world war 2. irena sendler's story stands out from the rest. When the Nazis invaded her native Poland and rounded up all the Jews into a walled in ghetto Sendler knew what was going to happen. She was a social worker and got credentials as a nurse so she could sneak food and medicine into the ghetto. What she snuck out was even more phenomenal It’s estimated that Sendler and her group helped get approximately 2500 children out of the ghetto.

Also a courageous act of heroism be not deterred by danger or pain. There is a courageous hero and this is his their name Jacklyn H. Lucas jumped on 2 grenades and survived. Lucas’s first display of courage was signing up for the Marines during WWII at the age of 14. He was patrolling Iwo Jima ravines when the Japanese attacked, throwing two grenades directly onto Lucas’s position. Lucas shoved one grenade into the ash, laid himself over it, and then grabbed the second grenade and pulled it underneath himself as well and was going under 26 surgeries and retained 250 pieces of shrapnel in his body for the rest of his life. So that was the basic meaning of a hero is that they are self sacrificing, brave, and courageous. And these heros are ones that have done acts for other

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