The Book Of Colossians By The Apostle Paul Essay

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The Book of Colossians

The book of Colossians was clearly written by the Apostle Paul, The introduction in the first chapter is vital proof of authorship. Written to the church in Colossae, as Paul was in a roman prison the first time about 61-62 AD, he received word that the saints were being led astray by false teachers teaching everything from angelic worship, to false doctrines of Christ. Paul called these actions (heresy), and throughout this letter he would continually contend for the faith. In order to maintain structure, order, and sound doctrine back to the body of Christ. The saints were so far away from Christianity that Paul had to bring back to their remembrance the basics of sound doctrine. Constantly affirming who Christ was, what he had done for them at Calvary, and how to obtain a heavenly reward, continually exalting Christ and having to teach them again to talk, walk, and present themselves in a manner that was pleasing to God. How to stay devoted to Christ in all that they did and that they could not obtain salvation any other way than Jesus Christ and him crucified, and that he being the son of the living God should be the focus point of their worship.

John the Baptist

Jesus spoke in Matthew 11:11 “Verily I say unto you, among them that are born of women there have not risen a greater than John the Baptist: (KJV) John was born to Zacharias…

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