The Book ' Cinderella Dad My Daughter ' By Peggy Orenstein Essay

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The book Cinderella Ate My Daughter written by Peggy Orenstein is about her hopes, fears, and questions about raising a girl. The book was published in 2011 by Harper Collins Publishers. The book goes through all the questions mothers have about raising their daughters to be happy, healthy, well-rounded adults that can accomplish anything they want. The purpose of the book is to bring into view all the hardships girls go through going up. Growing up, we watch all these princess movies showing how the girl is saved by the handsome prince. These movies teach us that “someday my prince will come” and our lives will be saved. It teaches girls that they don’t need to be self-sufficient because some day a man will come along and take care of them and they will just need to be pretty. This is not at all realistic. Today girls need to be strong and independent and have their own careers. From the time I was little my mom always instilled in me that I am strong and completely capable of taking care of myself; I don’t need to rely on a man to take care of me. I am in college and one day will have a job that I will be able to support myself on. I won’t need to be taken care of by my future husband. If you rely on a man to take care of you and a tragedy strikes that for some reason takes him away from you there will be nothing you could do. It’s scary to think that there are women everywhere that are dependent on their husbands and just stay at home taking care of the house…

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