The Book Advertising And Robert Bly 's Book The Copywriter 's Handbook

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This semester I had the chance create a local ad, a national ad, and a TV broadcasting ad in English 2060 Writing for Advertisement. Throughout the semester, we analyzed William F. Arens’ book Advertising and Robert Bly’s book The Copywriter’s Handbook. In addition to the books, the concept of C.R.A.P I learned from the desktop and publishing course helped in the creation of all my advertisements.
Arens’ book Advertising has such a wealth of knowledge that only the top three concepts that truly helped me will be discussed. The first concept that guided the creation of every single advertisement is the concept of Word of Mouth (WOM). The WOM process is to have individuals pass on information, especially product recommendations. This is perhaps the oldest and most valuable form of advertising because it is unpaid, it is intimate in regard to person –to-person, in which is a contrast from a “rather than by advertising or other forms of traditional marketing” (Arens PAGE).
WOM is extremely important because it is the basis for the popularity and success of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat etc., utilizes people’s thoughts, likes, and dislikes about something to gain exposure. Hence, while creating my ad, I wanted it to be so captivating, riveting, and interesting that people will want to talk about it simply form the ad.
In order to create such an immense amount of buzz, I had to be conscious of C.R.A.P. in my design layouts. I had to be sure I did not violate the…

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