The Body 's Symbolic Meaning Structures Subjectivity Essay

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Irigaray theorizes that the body’s symbolic meaning structures subjectivity. In Irigaray’s Corporeality, the body becomes an effect and product of symbolism which creates a specific body type only appropriate for society. Therefore, language and culture produce the body. (Notes, 10/6/15). Irigaray stated that “Women’s social inferiority is reinforced and complicated by the fact that woman does not have access to language, except through recourse to ‘masculine’ systems of representation which disappropriate her from her relation to herself and to other women.” (Irigaray, p. 85). Narratives determine who each human is and how they act and how one experiences their body in different spaces at different moments and depending on how you feel about yourself at the time. A woman is moldable especially depending on the oppression one may feel in different situations. According to the misogynist culture, a woman will feel internalized value of herself and pressure of how she should change herself to fit into society and under patriarchal acceptance. Masculinity is the center of society and creates a male dominated space. Through this phallocentrism, there are no real representations for women. Women cannot exist unless it is through morphology, which is the negation, the duplication, or the inversion of men. Morphology is “the ways the body and autonomy of each sex is lived by the subject and represented in culture.” (Notes, 10/6/15). Femininity represents castration,…

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