The Blue Wall Of Silence Essay

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An ethical issue that all police officers face is breaking the unwritten law i.e. “The Blue Wall Of Silence”. “The Blue Wall Of Silence” is unwritten code among police officers that they are not to report their fellow officers. Officers that do not follow this code are then excommunicated from the department, so to speak, and lose everything that they’ve worked so hard to achieve. They are labeled as snitches and are no longer welcome within a department; upper management can even punish officers leading to officers not wanting to break The Blue Wall Of Silence and not “whistle blow” on their fellow officers. In this paper I will argue that because of The Blue Wall Of Silence and the character of the police department makes whistleblowing less likely to occur, and in doing so makes it even more of a necessity; in addition I will reveal that the retaliation against whistleblowers costs not only the department, but everyone in the community, dearly.

“Police officers always tend to think the agency they work for has a lot of loyalty and will stand by them, but I have always found agencies are real quick to throw them down the well.” (W. Graham) It is expected of officers to turn in other officers for any form of misconduct, in fact according to the Los Angeles Police Department’s employee policies, “an employee’s obligation to report and prevent misconduct begins they moment the employee becomes a member of the Los Angeles Police Department,” and that “all…

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