The Blue Angel And The Titanic Essay

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Although the films The Blue Angel and the Titanic are very different, they do have a few similarities. In The Blue Angel, Immanuel Rath and Lola Lola embodied the contradiction of the provocative young female and a wretched old man in a relationship. Seductive Lola Lola embraces her sexuality through being a cabaret dancer and singer. Rath, the professor is stern, lonesome and much respected because of his profession. Rath meets Lola Lola in the process of punishing his pupils for distributing pictures of Lola in class. Rath goes to the club to find the pupils and ultimately becomes enticed by Lola. As Rath falls in love with Lola Lola, he gradually loses the respect from his students, especially when he marries her. In the beginning of the marriage the couple seemed hopelessly in love, they both accepted each other for who they are. Rath soon quits his job as a professor once his students become out of control and spends all of his time with Lola. A little later into the marriage the happiness is no longer existent. Rath gradually loses his self while becoming Lola’s slave, he was seen doing tasks such as preparing Lola’s curling iron and desperately to sale her pictures. Rath’s appearance has even changed, he no longer takes pride in the way he looks and completely stopped taking care of himself. The character of Rath has deteriorated from what seems to be a stressful marriage and has even resulted in excessive smoking and drinking. Rath quickly finds himself forced to…

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