The Birth Of Jaime And Autumn Essay

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The Birth of Jaime and Autumn It was a bitter cold winter day in January 1999 when I arrived at the hospital to be induced. Nine months prior to this day I found out that I was pregnant with twins. When twins are in utero they are known as baby “A” and baby “B”. On that day I felt the same feelings that I was feeling on this day in January. I was scared, excited, nervous and happy all at the same time. My mom was by my side every step of the way and was excited to be going through this journey with me. I was grateful and still am. With all of these emotions I knew that the birth of my daughters was going to be a day that I would never forget. After I was admitted, the doctor wanted to do an ultra-sound to make sure that everything was ok. Hearing my children’s heartbeats and seeing their images on the screen was one of the most overwhelmingly happy feelings in the world. Their little noses, fingers and toes were so beautiful. As the sonographer was doing her work I noticed a worried look on her face. That’s when the panic really set in for me. She noticed this and gave me a little smile and said, “Let’s get you back to your room.” I was terrified by the time that I got back to my room! All I could think about was the look on the sonographers face. The doctor finally came in and told me that baby “B” was breech and all tangled up in the umbilical cord. They were going to have to do a cesarean section. I was shaking and in tears. My mom was with me in the…

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