Essay on The Birth Of An Animal

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The birth of an animal is clearly not the same as the birth of a human. It’s pretty much the same concept. It’s messy, loud, and amazing to witness. Although, I must admit that birth is not amazing to witness when you’re six years old and not expecting it. The whole scene is burned into my brain, and plays over and over again whenever I go out to my barn. Who knew that on a warm Spring morning, little six year old me would witness one of my miniature horses giving birth. My mom grew up with horses. She would show them, ride them for fun, and overall just take pride in them. She’s a fanatic. Try to imagine a crazy cat lady, but with horses. That’s my mother. At the time, in 2003, we had 9 horses. A quarter horse, a pony, and 7 miniatures. Speck, one of the oldest now, a miniature pinto, was pregnant. This was her third pregnancy. When it comes to human contact she is always a bit on the grumpy side. That was not the case when her babies were born. It was like a flip of a switch. Her personality would completely change when her sweet, little pride and joys popped out of the womb. I don’t know who’s great idea it was to leave my father and I home with a pregnant horse while my mom took my brother and sister out to Brunch on that Sunday morning. My dad and I saw them off as they drove down the long, gravel driveway. When they were out of sight we went back inside and went about our business. All of a sudden, moments after my mom had departed, we heard this awful sound come…

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