The Birth, Death, And Resurrection Of Jesus Essay

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It is interesting concept that the four Gospels delineate the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus, with little attention giving to his life and development as a leader. Matthew and Luke’s Gospels trace Jesus’ genealogy. In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus is introduced as a grown man whereas John focus on His Divinity. Granted, we scrutinize, dissect, exegete and preach his teachings and ministry, but we never consider the sociopolitical dynamics of his early life’s that shaped and formed his ministry. Hendricks emphatically contends that churches have adopted a modern form of Docetism, which he coined as Political Docetism. As Hendricks maintains, it is the “refusal to acknowledge the importance of the political circumstances of Jesus’ earthly life and their influences on his person and ministry” (Hendricks, p.76). Docetism dates back to the first generation of Christians after Jesus’ ascension. They grappled with idea of an exalted savior who couldn’t not save himself from the cross. Some didn’t believe that Jesus was a man of flesh and blood. Therefore, there was never a crucifixion or salvation. It was an illusion perpetrated using His divine power (Hendricks. p.77). Hendricks posits that Paul misinterpreted Jesus ' purpose, ministry and teachings is a reason that today’s churches are unaware of political message. This was the reason that the Christian movement shifted from a collective conscience to personal deliverance. Instead of a radical, calculating and determined Jesus,…

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