Rise Of Rome Essay

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Chapter 5 Outline
By: Pipa 5-1 The Rise of Rome
I. The land Peoples of Italy A. The land and Peoples of Italy 1. Italy had more land for farming, this helped Rome to support a larger population 2. Tiber river gave Rome a route to sea, and protection from pirates 3. Rome was built on 7 hills it was easily defended
4. The Greeks occupied southern Italy but slowly creeped north
5. THey cultivated olives and grapes, passed on their alphabet and gave Rome artistic and cultural models
6. The Etruscans (North of Rome) influenced the Romans by turning it into a city and gave the Romans the toga
II. The Roman Republic A. War and Conquest
1. Republic-
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Small landowners lost their farms to aristocrats 3. This caused a large class of poor families
4. Tiberius and Grais tried to introduce a law to prevent this from happening
5. But they were beaten to death by some senators

B. A New Role for the Army
1. Marius recruited in a new way, intriguing the poor and lower class with promises of land 2. This army was not under government rule 3. Lucius Cornelius Sulla was the next general
4. When the council of Plebs tried to reinstate Marius, civil war broke out
5. Sulla won, and conducted a reign of terror to wipe out all opposition B. The First Triumvirate 1. Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar these 3 men shared power among themselves 2. The senate ruled for Caesar to lay down his command, Caesar refused 3. Crassus died in battle, Pompey was defeated, Caesar had complete control

C. The Second Triumvirate 1. Octavian, Antony, and Lepidus struggled to obtain power 2. Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra; they both ran off and committed
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Roman Religion 1. Romans were monotheistic 2. They were very tolerant of other Religions< even adopting some of their Gods/Goddesses

B. Judaism in the Empire
1. By 6 A.D Judaea was placed under the direction of an official (procurator)
2. There was a Jewish revolt in 66 A.D 3. But they were crushed by the Romans 4 years later 4. The temple in Jerusalem was destroyed
II. The Rise of Christianity A. The teachings of Jesus 1. Jesus’s mission was to complete the salvation that God had promised 2. 10 commandments were 10 ethical related concepts
3. Many Romans came to see Christianity as a threat to Rome
4. Jesus was betrayed and sent to death by Pontius Pilate B. Christianity spreads Through the Empire 1. Paul taught that by accepting Jesus as the Messiah, one could be saved from sin 2. The gospels gives a record of Jesus’ life and teachings 3. Many Romans came to see Christianity as a threat to

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