The Birth Control And Education Essay

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My topic addresses birth control and education. Birth control is widely practiced with couples to enjoy sexual intimacy without feeling the risk of disease and pregnancy. Additionally, birth control can prevent one from making an unfavorable decision later about abortion and adoption. There are different methods for birth control such as abstinence, medications, birth control sponges, IUD, sterilization, and condoms. Contraceptives are prescribed by doctors in clinics, hospitals, and in local community health departments that support family planning. Some are non-based prescriptions which are obtained over the counter. Some oral contraceptives offers certain gynecological health benefits to reduce abnormal uterine cramping and irregular menstrual bleeding.

Sex education is crucial in making awareness to control and prevention of sexual transmitted diseases. Birth control methods had proven to be effective in reduction of some cases, especially, within local county health departments who offer awareness and support to safe sexual practices and follow-up. According to the Alachua County Health Department 2014 annual report, the clinic reached out to 3,400 residents to inform them of their disease exposure and to offer help. The residents learned effective ways to prevent or reduce cases of STD’s through abstinence, getting HPV vaccinations, using condoms, reducing the number of partners, and being monogamous. Staff from the health department partnered with Alachua…

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