The Bill Of The House Essay

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A Bill first starts as an idea from multiple possible starts such as citizens, lobbyists or senators. From the initial phase, the bill then moves into Congress where it is entered in to the clerk of the house, where all House of Representative members must submit their bills. From here, the bill is then referred to a specific committee by the speaker of the house.
The committee selected will hear the testimonies from specialists, the public and experts and then based on those findings as well as information gathered from other sources, they will make a decision whether to make changes to the bill, send them back to the house or to a sub-committee. Committees are generally made up of 10-45 members of the House of Representatives who create and modify bills of similar subjects such as education, defense etc.
A draft bill is created and released to associated government bodies and to the public for general consensus and comment, and if it is not thrown away by the sub-committee, it is then put before the entire house to be debated on by its representatives. In the reports given to the house, it will state any decisions made on whether the committee feels the bills should be passed, or denied and what consensus was made by experts and the general public, as well as if any changes should be made to the bill.
Once the bill has been marked up, it is sent to the rules committee who decides the allotted time that the bill should have, as well as rules regarding its debate. From…

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