The Bill Of Rights: Zeitoun By Dave Egger

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The Bill of Rights are the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution. It was created to exclude governmental power over citizen’s rights. The Bill of Rights is a protection for an individual’s liberty. For example, the amendment’s guarantee a person’s freedom of speech, religion, and press; arranges rules for due process of law; reserves all power not substituted to the Federal Government, to the people or the states; etc. But imagine the government no longer granted you those rights, stripping them away from you. “Zeitoun” by Dave Egger, explains how Abdulrahman Zeitoun, a man who helped others in Hurricane Katrina was wrongly accused and neglected of the liberties/rights entitled to him by the Bill of Rights. During Hurricane Katrina, there was a great deal of chaos, confusion, and fear. Many people did not expect and therefore, weren’t prepared for the flood, in desperation this lead people to begin …show more content…
The treatment Zeitoun encountered was the breakdown of social justice. The officer’s behavior was thoughtless, using much more violence that was needed. Treating humans like animals being in a cage. Zeitoun himself refers to the officer’s as trainers he saw at a circus as a boy, hooking the beast to punish them (Egger 236). This treat was a combination of “opportunity, cruelty, ambivalence, and sport” (Egger 236). The confusion and the lack of coordination was one of the reasons for the total collapse of the system of justice during Hurricane Katrina. The lack of legal structure and the guards’ perverse enjoyment of harsh practice seems like prisoners of war more than citizens. Many times, the Bill of Rights seemed no existent and out of reach to Zeitoun and other people. All an all it is clearly shown by Egger, the absolute rights established by the Bill of Rights were dishonored and ignored during Hurricane

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