The Big Thrill Seeker Rides At Disney Essay

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It was a sunny day in August and we were off to Walt Disney World for a week full of fun. We were all excited and could not wait until we were able to get to the parks and ride everything. However, when the rest of the family went to ride something that I was too chicken to ride, I would have to wait for them at the end of the ride. I would always tell myself this could be the year that I will find the courage to ride some of the big thrill seeker rides here at Disney. After all, I was 34 years old and should not have a fear of these rides.
We were all ready to hit a park and had decided to go to Hollywood Studio’s because this is my oldest niece’s favorite park. I personally did not like going to this park because my brother would always put pressure on me to ride the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster and the Tower of Terror, but I am too chicken to ride them. He tries to put a guilt trip on me that I am setting a poor example for his children because they would never ride them because I was showing them fear. This resulted in me feeling bad that I could be causing my nieces to fear something that they might enjoy because I allowed my fear take over me.
I hate feeling like a big baby when it comes to not wanting to ride the big thrill seeker rides. When I would sit at the end of the ride waiting for my family, I would see all the little kids coming off the ride laughing because they had so much fun. I would contemplate to myself, “Why am I so scared of this ride?” I then…

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