Personal Narrative: The Redwood National Park

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Redwood National Park:
A Place Remembered Forever
An amazing sight towers before me as my eyes engulf every detail of a breath-taking sky of redwood trees, exceeding my expectations of their appearance I had previously laid out in my mind. This became my first and only visit to the Redwood National Park while vacationing in California with my grandma and my father, who are the two family members of mine that mean the world to me. I had anticipated the day when I would finally be able to glue my eyes to the beautiful redwood trees residing in the park, and that day has finally introduced itself with the opportunity to share the experience with my loved ones. My attachment to nature is irrepressible, as is now my attachment to this park.
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Redwood trees have a longer life span than humans with the potential to live for hundreds of years. These trees have witnessed love, war, prosperity, and so much more. If these trees had mouths, they could tell stories of success and failure by humans as well as animals. If a redwood tree were a person, the person would be exceptionally wise due to his or her ability to observe a variety life experiences. Together, however, not only could these trees tell a single story, but they could tell many tales. The Redwood National Park is a place of silent giants with the experiences that many wish they could have …show more content…
Sharing the amazement at the massive trees occupying this wonderful park is an emotion to bond over. It is a place to imagine stories of previous lives with one family member and to tell the giants a new story with another family member. In other words, not only are families viewing trees that have been a part of so much history, but they are also sharing and creating history within their family. This could become a remembrance of a time when everyone focused on each other rather than their phone; this could become a remembrance of a time when smiles danced over your lips at the sight of natural life. The Redwood National Park is the foundation of great memories.
Redwood National Park is known to many people. Tourists from all over the country come to experience the breathtaking redwood trees with their own eyes, proven by the various types and amounts of people who visited. The Park serves to preserve the history of the redwood trees, since many are more than 100 years old. By preserving the trees for everyone to enjoy, people are taught to love and respect nature. Preserving this beautiful history is one way to gain support in the effort to care for the earth rather than destroy it. Redwoods are a reminder of the reason for caring about

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