The Big Hand: A Fictional Narrative

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Once upon a time there was a turtle, his name was Ricky Bobby. He was a pretty cool turtle but there was no hot babe turtles for him to hang out with. rickie bobby says “yo, dude in the sky that made me.” “Make me a turtle pal.” then the big dude up in the sky says “ight dawg… I mean turtle.” and there was another turtle. Rickie Bobby decided her name shall be Mrs. Tuttle's. Rickie Bobby and Mrs. Tuttle's thought that their sky was very dull and the earth their little feet walked on was too bland and lifeless.
Rickie bobby, who was young in his career of design and making things, decided he wanted to have soft comfy green grass for his lady friend to enjoy. Then he realised “Hey, I can’t see anything y’all!”... “Hey there old man out yonder,
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“why is it that my skin becomes so dry?” Replied Rickie. “Well when you asked me for light, I gave you light, and it seems to be drying your skin out son.” The Big Man Sermonized. “Can I have a moisturiser?” asked Ricky bobby. “I’ll give you a lifetimes worth of water son, now take care of it and keep out of it because you two are forbidden to swim in the drinking waters.” lectured the big man upstairs. Mrs. Tuttles yelled from afar “Wheres that water that dirt bag promised us.” Just as she said that, a wall of water came crashing down on the two of them and following it came a bolt of lightning straight through Mrs. Tuttles shell. OUCH. At this point the two of them were sitting together on an island waiting for the water levels to subside. “Lets go swimming Rickie.” chanted Mrs. Tuttles. “NO” demanded Rickie. “The big man told us to not swim in the water he just created.” Rickie continued. “Oh yeah… What is he going to do about me swimming...OUCH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?” Wailed Mrs. Tuttles. “I have no idea what you are even talking about.”screeched Rickie “It was me.” Roared the Big Man. “How?” asked Rickie, very much confused. “I put sharks in the forbidden waters to make sure the two of you obeyed me.” “Good thing I did I see.” Bellowed The Big Man. “Are you okay?” asked Ricky “Yes i am.” responded Mrs. Tuttles with attitude of coarse. “Hey at least we brought more life to the planet.”

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