The Biblical Worldview From The Perception Of God Essay example

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Ethics, morals, good and evil, truth or lack thereof in today’s society these things have adapted from a fixed foundation to a relative acceptance throughout many populations. What can one base their belief on you may ask yourself? Tolerance is the way of advancement; any other viewpoint discredited and treated as forbidden philosophy. The foundational laying of a biblical worldview must be framed and built upon a resilient and authoritative truth. We will discuss the biblical worldview from the perception of God through the writing of Paul in the book of Romans. Through these teachings, one can begin to lay a sure foundation based upon wisdom and guidance from God, our Creator. The natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture will be addressed and the ramifications living in society today.
The natural world reflects Gods divine communication and revelation to all of humanity. Romans 1:20 clearly states man is without excuse because God showed Himself through his creation. Creation itself declares God’s infinite authority and divine order over all His creation. The simplistic but yet complex organisms that grow, thrive and exist on planet Earth clearly did not just appear but yet have very distinct and necessary purposes. Without God all things lose purpose and cease to exist, God allows all things to exist to please and glorify Him alone. In chapter 8 verse 22 Paul states, again creation calls out to God to set things back in order. Humanity is not the…

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