The Biblical Metanarrative Of The Bible Essay

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The Biblical Metanarrative
A metanarrative is a story about stories of historical meaning, experience, or knowledge, which offers a society legitimation through the anticipated completion of a master idea. Though people may categorize the metanarrative of the Bible differently, there are four major parts that stand out as someone reads through the Bible. There will be some repetition of concepts as each one is discussed because each part is so closely related. The first concept will build the foundation for which the following three are built.
The metanarrative of the Bible is built on the concept of creation, fall, and redemption. The Bible begins with God creating the world and humanity to form a relationship with. He then gives humans rule over His creation. Creation is lost because they fell short of the righteousness of God. The Bible as a whole tells the story of how God continually enters into His fallen creation to try to redeem it and bring humanity back to Him. Eventually, this is accomplished through Jesus Christ coming to Earth as a human and being the ultimate sacrifice for the world.
The Creation of Mankind
Creation is the first concept mentioned in the Bible and that God is the one and only Creator and King. Genesis begins with the statement that God has always existed and is the Creator of all things. God determines what is right and wrong in the world and disciplines His creation accordingly. God decided to share His kingdom with humanity by creating Adam…

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