The Bible And The God Essay

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Many people search throughout their lives for the answers to how the universe came to be. Some people believe that through science these questions can be answered. The majority, however, believes that there is a higher power at work that has designed the world and its inhabitants for a purpose. It is this author 's opinion that the higher power at work in the world is the benevolent God of the Bible. Through practical experience, the application of the Bible cultivates gifts of character in the believer that not be explained by any amount of science or exposition of man. These traits are goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control, patience, peace, joy and love. Though their existence is unexplainable, they exist as a direct result of the impression of God 's Spirit in man 's soul, and as such are the gifts that He has given to His creation. The first two effects of the application of the guidance of the Bible and the God 's leading go hand in hand. These are the characteristics of goodness and kindness that He cultivates in the lives of the people that follow Him. Goodness, called a "Fruit of the Spirit" in Biblical terms, is virtue and holiness in action. It is actions that are only derived of a desire to be a "blessing", or a gift bestowed to man by God. The fruit of kindness is giving of one 's self without expectation. It is devoid of selfish ambition and anticipates no reciprocation. A prime example is those who work in ministry to the…

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