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Beshoy Hanna
The existence of God
Essay 3
The existence of God has come into question since the beginning of time. Throughout history, philosophers have searched for an answer to creation. How did the earth appear? Who is responsible? Why did they create humans, where do we come from and how did we get here? Regardless of the many theories, most thinkers manage to agree on one thing; there is some superior being responsible for Creation. I will explore the philosophies presented by St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine and St. Anselm in an attempt to discover which, if any, has uncovered the unquestionable truth.
Anselm, Aquinas and Augustine each exhibited a love of knowledge and shared strong ties to religion, namely Christianity. Apart from of their personal religious beliefs they also agree on several basic principles regarding creation. The most common thought these ancient seekers of wisdom share is the belief that a being greater than themselves upholds divine unity, goodness, and power, someone called God.
Augustine describes God
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We see a progression of proficient purposes of things on the planet. Nothing exists before itself. In this manner, nothing [in the universe of things we perceive] is the productive reason for itself. In the event that a past productive cause does not exist, neither does the thing those outcomes (the impact). Subsequently, if the primary thing in an arrangement does not exist, nothing in the arrangement exists. On the off chance that the arrangement of effective purposes broadens ceaselessly into the past, for then there would be no things existing at this point. That is clearly false (i.e., there are things existing now that came to fruition through effective purposes). Thusly proficient aims don't broaden endlessly into the past. Along these lines, it is important to concede a first effective motivation, to which everybody gives the name of

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