The Bible And Other Christian Literature Essays

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Self Care and affirmation is an area which is a large part of Gods plan for our lives it is not just spiritual but is a combination of both spiritual and physical disciplines such as reading the word, physical exercise and healthy eating just to name a few. Reading the Bible and other Christian literature helps Christians become their true selves through inner transformation (Shore 2013). A Christian without or devoid of the knowledge and understanding of just how God loves them is ill equipped to become their true selves and face life’s challenges with success. Without such knowledge and understanding it is not possible to be the encouragement and blessing that God has intended a Christian. Correct Self Care is not an act of narcissism but rather aids to affirm oneself and others and must be an intentional daily practice. A big part of gods will for our lives is self care that includes not being subjected to negative influences but rather Healthy Godly influences.

Originally Self Care and Affirmation could be thought of a narcissistic and somewhat selfish practise to simply to look good to be competitive and above others. Although going to the gym, eating the correct diet, getting a enough will help oneself need not be a narcissistic practise but can help one be their best for whoever they may encounter throughout life. Also contemplating the promises contained in the bible and other Christian literature enhances our self image and enables us to see our true…

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