Reflective Essay On Self Love

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Defined as a regard for one’s own happiness and advantage, self-love is the most fundamentally essential foundation to living life freely. The statement one cannot love another if he/she does not love thyself holds substantial truths that became personally evident as I transpired from one area of life to another. As a child growing up in the slums of Nigeria, Self-love was not a profound aspect of my day to day life, but that all changed when I relocated to the United States. Obliviousness and a humongous family were crucial features of my childhood that obscured my exposure to self-love. Cultural facets like female inferiority, violence, and domestic abuse became the inescapable normative that seemed far too inessential to expound on …show more content…
Having made mistakes, some more than a typical seventeen year old has on his/her life trajectory, that incessantly reinstate self-hate when reminisced about. However, this self-hate is in regards to missed opportunities and blocked blessings. The times whereby I indulged in wrongful acts and over internalized my pain I could have instead devoted my time towards self-development and attaining intellectual prowess. If I had done these things my academic, social, and behavioral maturity level would exceed that of what it already is. But, I can not live in the what could have been, I can only live in the present and accept the course I took in life, a course ordained for me by God. Nonetheless, It was not until I established self-love that I realized my purpose and gained freedom. Prior to having obtained self-love, I lived in constant fear. Fear of people judging me and not accepting me for being an imperfect human being. When I recognized that my flaws and hardships complete me, fear vanished from existence and allowed acceptance of my imperfections and the imperfections of others. This makes it easy for me to love myself because in return I am falling in love with others. Through my time at Boston College, I aspire to continually fall in love with others as well as myself and fulfill my life’s purpose of being a woman for

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