Essay on The Between Germ Theory And Modern Bacteriology

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It must also be recalled that the founders of WHO, was activated for the benefit of its member state. Thus, the emphasis on prevention and direct control is not unexpected. At the same time, by 20th century the rising of germ theory and modern bacteriology were also affecting the institution in two ways (Scott 2015: 34). First, infectious disease outbreaks posed a direct threat to social contact between citizens and the government (Scott 2015: 34). If the government allowed the disease to rage unchecked, the legitimacy of the state would be questionable. Plus, to go against the Resolution would put them on a difficult position as their humanity would be questionable. Second, emphasis on disease also fits the biomedical of health (Scott 2015: 34). Thus, it gives the government greater opportunity to measure the performance of WHO on whether it would adhere to its contract. Thus, it is argued that the adoption of the Resolution 1308 was at the end, not just simply the result of universal agreement on the validity of securitizing claims. Relatively, it was adopted despite the fact that Permanent Members of the council were still having doubts (McInnes, Rushton 2011: 125). The Council members were likely to be persuaded to support the Resolution 1308 on the bases that HIV/AIDS were representing an international threat to the peace and security (McInnes, Rushton 2011: 125). Thus, under these deep pressures, changing the mandate and securitizing HIV/AIDS, declaring its threat to…

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