Essay on The Between Breastfeeding And The Formula

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I would like to summarize the entire in-class lecture you had on October 4, 2016, that was based on discussing the differences between breastfeeding and the formula. I also wanted to go over briefly about the discussion we had about understanding that any punishment from the parent will not change a child’s behavior.
To begin with, there are a few things you should consider before you jump and decide to go right ahead and feed your baby using formula. First, let’s begin with the facts about breastfeeding. The emotional bond, while you are breastfeeding your child is very imperative. There is a strong emotional bond that is developed between the mother and her baby. This relationship promotes a growing attachment to the baby and the mother, and this attachment will continue to play a significant role in the baby’s development. There have been studies to show there is a zero percent chance your child will be diagnosed with an ear infection. Also, you save a ton of money and, not to mention the food is always there and available, so it is convenient for that matter. Breastfeeding is just the healthiest and natural way to feed your baby. Another benefit from breastfeeding your child is there have been studies to show higher IQ scores later on in the child’s life. Overall, breastfeeding provides your baby with tons of nutrients to keep your baby healthy. Also, is it recommended that babies should be breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months, after the first six months it is…

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