Essay about The Betrayal Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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Curtis Karner
Mrs Markovich

In the play Othello by William Shakespeare the theme of betrayal has an effect on many of the plays characters. Othello and Rodrigo both endure a crippling betrayal at the hands of the sinister Iago. Iago betrays his General Othello by trying to ruin his relationship with Desdemona through a series of devious acts designed to get revenge on Othello for not promoting him to Lieutenant. Iago betrays his friend Rodrigo by using his deep lust for Desdemona against him, he uses Rodrigo’s stubbornness to manipulate and ultimately betray him. Both these characters make the mistake of trusting Iago which results in their downfall. The most significant betrayal in the play is the betrayal of Othello. Othello is a noble warrior who has one major flaw jealousy. Iago being a master manipulator of people is able to detect this and uses it to betray his friend. It is known early on in the play that Iago acts as Othello’s friend only so he can get his revenge when the time comes, this becomes evident when Iago says, “I follow him to serve my turn upon him,” (I, I, 42). Iago clarifies his intentions and establishes himself as someone who can’t be trusted. Iago wastes no time and promptly begins spreading rumors about Othello using witchcraft to woo Desdemona. Iago accompanied by Rodrigo pay a visit to Barbantio in the late hours of the night and scream that he has been robbed of his daughter. Iago begins to make racist remarks about his so called…

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