The Best Things In Life Are Free Essay

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“The Best Things in Life Are Free,” a popular song by Ray Henderson, and a quote that many have been taught to live by. Although this belief seems fitting, it most certainly is not true. For example, American freedom comes at a high cost. Also, one’s health can sometimes be pricey, along with one’s drive to further their education. The best things in life are definitely not free, but if worked for they can be very rewarding.

First, freedom is most certainly not “free.” Such as, all the men and women currently in Afghanistan who risk their lives everyday to fight to secure American freedom. They leave their homes and families with the uncertainty of never returning home. Also, the greatest freedom Christians have today is the freedom
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The price of healthy food compared to the price of fast food is disturbing. A chicken salad at Subway is six dollars, not including chips or a drink. At McDonalds, one can get a Mcdouble, a large fry, and a large coke for approximately four dollars. This causes those who have low income to choose the Mcdonalds drive thru instead of the healthier alternative at Subway. Additionally, when a person visits the grocery store purchasing healthy food is far more costly than purchasing unhealthy food. A bag of grapes can be as much as two dollars per pound totaling seven to eight dollars for the bag. This is a hard decision to make when a person can purchase as many as four boxes of Little Debbie Cakes for the same price. Also, in today’s world exercise has become something that big businesses capitalize on. Some examples would be that a gym membership can cost as much as thirty dollars per month. The media also advertises many workout programs that are expensive and discouraging to those who can not afford them. Exercise and a healthy diet are crucial for one to have good health. Unfortunately, in today’s society all that many can afford is to purchase unhealthy foods and resort to jumping jacks in the dining room. Furthermore, this usually leads to failure due to the fact a person’s body does not have the energy needed as well as a person does not have the motivation to exercise. Living a healthy lifestyle makes a …show more content…
The amount of money it takes a person to be a college student is tremendous. For example, just a single book can cost as much as two-hundred dollars, and a single class can be up to twelve-hundred dollars. Due to this, students are more likely to drop a class they need to complete their major, because they do not have the funds or resources to pay such high prices. After totaling the cost of a full time tuition, books, housing, and meal plans it may become uneconomical for the average person.
Additionally, the time it takes to get a college education is overwhelming. The longer that a person is enrolled in school the more debt he or she will accumulate. For instance, to become a licensed Orthodontist it takes around eleven years of school. This is the equivalent to 22 full-time semesters where full-time tuition at a university can be as much as $5,000 per semester. This totals to $110,000 for a degree with no steady income and a large amount of debt to pay off. Completing a degree is very difficult but if one is willing to work hard then he or she will be rewarded for the rest of his or her life. Furthering one’s education and personal knowledge is expensive and time consuming, but gives great rewards such as being financially stable, experienced, and long lasting

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