The Best Tech High School Essay

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Being That James was one of smartest kids in his school, he never felt like he fit in much. He was never considered unpopular or lame but he always felt different from everyone else. Every day for him was a day closer to graduation, which is where he would part from what he described as the children of the corn. Attending Fredrick Douglass High School was exactly where he wanted to be, considering that it was the best tech high school in the city of Atlanta. One thing that he didn’t anticipate was sharing a class with loud, rude, disrespectful children. It was the last day of school and James was a senior, which meant today he took his finals. He was ecstatic about taking exams but also very unbothered. He knew that the test would be a breeze compared to the advanced placement classes and college courses he was already had taken.

The school bell rung exactly at 8:00 which meant that testing had officially begun. For the first time in his high school career the whole school fell silent. No kids

Thompson 2 screaming, no stampeding feet, and no loud music. The only thing that was loud was the smell of the stoner kids that sat in the back of the class who slept threw most of high school. Ms.Flemming, his teacher, took the class role and began to distribute the test. Once she made her way around the class she handed James the last scan tron. She leaned over and whispered, “ Great job on the test” and smiled as if he had already taken it.…

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