Analysis Of Juvenile Boot Camps

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Juvenile Boot Camps Butterflies fluttered in Andrew’s stomach as the wailing sirens developed closer and closer. All Andrew could deliberate was how disappointed his parents were going to be, how he blew his chances of his new car. Everything just went down the drain. Andrew was from a wealthy family, and was raised well. He was a child of good, never made rebellious choices until Saturday night. Andrew had never felt so much regret and guilt. His heart steadily beating faster and faster, for all he could hear was his mother saying, “No child of mine will be in trouble.” Andrew’s mother had told him if he were to ever make one bum choice, he was going to regret it. It was a weekend night and Andrew decided to sneak out his window, since his parents did not believe in parties. So, on his way to the wingding with his friends, they adjudicated to perform a beer run. That was when Andrew messed up. The following Monday Andrew with his parents attended the court along with the other teenagers. The judge decided to give a sanction of a thousand dollars, since he was a minor and had a clean record. Of course, Andrew’s parents discharged the fine, but that was not the extremity for him. The day after, Andrew was enrolled and dispatched to a Juvenile Boot Camp for the remainder of the summer. What are juvenile boot camps first of all? Juvenile boot camps, also known as shock or intensive incarceration program are short-term programs that resemble military basic training and target …show more content…
Juvenile boot camps have a purpose, are effective, and helpful. In my opinion juvenile boot camps are beneficial, it just depends on the individual and if they are willing to change. I also believe parents should really take into consideration what boot camp they chose for their children. So, if you have a troubled child or teen, juvenile boot camps are a great opportunity to help yourself and your kid out, don’t wait until it is too

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