Andrew Bridge Analysis

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As a seven year old, all Andrew Bridge wanted was his mother, Hope. They shared such a deep love for one another that nothing in this world could tear that love apart. Being trapped in poverty and continuously being faced with tragedies, all they had were each other, until they didn’t anymore. With Hope’s mental health declining and having no one else to care for him, the child services took him from her. Hope became institutionalized and Andrew was forced to go to a child care facility that didn’t care for their kids. On the first night, he refused to take off his clothes around too many new people and got put into solitary lockup. He then realized this place was not going to ever feel like home. He was placed in a foster family called the …show more content…
Andrew endured all the suffering as many other children came and went. He was never loved but the roof over his head and having somewhere to stay was enough to get him to stay until he was out of high school. As he was preparing to leave the system to go to college and have his freedom back, he finally got to see his mother. He writes, "She was not what I had hoped, not what I had rehearsed.” He noticed she changed, but the thing about Andrew is, he never gave up on her. He never blamed her or abandoned her for the mistakes she made. He loved her unconditionally even though he was left with an appallingly cruel family and was put in the foster care system for over a decade. Later, after graduating from Harvard Law School, he was told that his mother has tried countless times to get custody of him and has come really close to it. At the time, he was never informed or told his mother continued to fight for him even when they were separated. The lack of information children got, was one of the matters he fought to change when he used his law degree to advocate for kids like him that were trapped by the system. He dedicate this life to helping children in poverty

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