The Best Legacy Of Dedication Essay

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The clock is ticking. There are three minutes before the award ceremony. All of the sleepless nights and all of the hard work leading up to this day. All of the writing, singing and teaching myself to play piano and this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. I can hear the crowd cheering outside and I’m ready to accept this award. Coach wooden was no stranger to achievement due to dedication. The ideal of dedication caused Coach Wooden to be successful throughout his career as well as in his personal life. Many people have been great hard working role models , but John Wooden left the best legacy of perseverance and dedication by far.
John Wooden was a very dedicated man all throughout his entire life. He learned these ideals as a child. The things people learn as a child will stick with them and can even drive them throughout their entire lives. In this case John Wooden learned to have good work ethic and to be dedicated, to whatever he did as a child and this adhered to him his entire life. “His upbringings on a farm with no electricity instilled strong work ethic”( This quote shows how Wooden learned one of his main ideals when he was very young and that living the way he did as a boy instilled a very strong work ethic in him. Not only did he work hard on the farm but once his family moves he had to work hard to be the best at basketball. When one works hard it is very obvious because of the growth of their abilities in that area and that’s exactly why it…

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