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The school days are crammed with facts and figures, encompassing various subjects ranging from English to Mathematics. All of these require students to learn, memorise, understand and to be tested. Besides grades and examinations, the school also encompasses a wider curriculum including character moulding, citizenship building and personality development. Indeed, I think the school does prepare us for life.

Firstly, the school teaches us self-discipline. We learn to keep to a schedule and to adhere to the timetable. We also learn to appreciate time and to be punctual. Moreover, we are trained to plan and manage time wisely. We also abide by and respect rules and regulations. The disciplined students will grow up to be disciplined adults
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The widespread notion that the number of As obtained equates to success is severely ingrained in both the teachers' and students' mentalities. The current situation here is that top scorers are heaped into one top class and given a lot of attention....and pressure.. thus learning loses its fun...

It is rare to see consolation being offered to students who are NOT top scorers. Naturally this cultivates a fear of failure which would hinder the students' performance in the real world, where failure is bound to be faced and guidance is not readily available. As for those who were lulled into complacence by praises and attention, a fate no less harsh awaits. i dare say most from this group would go to university and graduate only to end up jobless, due to lack of experience , soft skills and humility.. Be surprised (or maybe not) at how ineffectively university graduates communicate...especially in English. Be even more surprised at how little activities most of them are involved in..... personal enrichment and development is most probably sacrificed for academical excellence.

what good will cramming skills be in the real world where we already have computers ? we need people who can APPLY what they've learnt and CONVEY their ideas. We need people who would actively seek knowledge..

We need leaders, not people who expect to be spoonfed.

3. School does prepare us, in a way. At least it

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