The Best Crossing Of Race Essay

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biological as being contradicting. Consequently of pre-existing views, race has often been viewed "by the most ridiculous means, finger-nails, palms of hands, shapes of ears, teeth, and other equally silly rot” (Larsen 19). Society has categorized race by tangible features —distinguishable features that supposedly arise from birth. From that logic, the successful crossing of race would be an absurd idea by society since the race of an individual is distinguishable. Blacks are black because they have black features while whites are white because they have white features. However, the biological viewpoint of race becomes challenged in the novel Passing. In one specific instance of the novel, Irene is able to enter the Drayton hotel by successfully passing as white. If race was truly a detectable biological feature of an individual, it is ironic —in fact even comical— that a person like Irene, regarded as black by society, could have passed as white. Others "always took her [Irene] for an Italian, a Spaniard, a Mexican, or a gipsy. Never, when she was alone, had they even remotely seemed to suspect that she was a Negro" (Larsen 19). Irene 's ability to deceive others of her racial identity highlights the point biological makers serve as inadequate tool for the classification of race. Catherine Rottenberg, an author of a number articles and books, points out several other examples that indicate the usage of biologically makers for distinguishing the different races as…

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