Essay On The Pros And Cons Of A/B Testing

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In this assignment, we will talk about how to build a successful testing program and why it is important to set goals before testing and also why hypothesis test is important.
A Brief Introduction
In today’s Internet world it is possible to run experiments that can tell us how the customers/visitors will react to our website’s design and configuration. What a testing program does is very simple: it gives the users the opportunity to create different versions of the same website and publish it so that the users can measure how good the response was from the users to a certain change or group of changes.
One positive outcome from web testing is that it gives clarity to the designers to understand how the redesign impacts conversions and revenue.
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Some of the benefits of A/B Testing are:
There are benefits to be obtained from conducting A/B tests (Gabbert, 2012), some of them are:
• Decrease in bounce rate.
• Higher conversion rate.
• Increased sales.
• Content that is displayed in a more appealing way for the customers.
• Low risk.
• More visits in each page.
• Experimenting leads to kill the highest paid person’s opinion.
Some Cons of A/B Testing
Of course, not everything is perfect (Harvard Business Review, 2014), some of the Cons of A/B testing are:
• Too much time may be spent in experimentation when what is needed is a fundamental redesign and overhaul of the entire website.
• Takes time to run each experiment and consumes precious resources.
• It only focuses on current goals.
• Being overly focused in improving the same site over and over may lead to miss “the next big thing”.
• Does not measure ease-of-use.
Now, let us proceed to Multivariate Testing
In Multivariate testing the team identifies key areas of the site and then proceeds to create variations for each of those sections (Chopra, 2011). It is different from A/B testing in the sense that it will combine all the specific sections variations in order to create a unique version of the page to be

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