Importance Of Paper Towel Absorbency

Register to read the introduction… They are used and they are used for many different purposes. Its main purpose is for cleaning and absorbing spilled liquid.
There are many different brands of paper towels available to consumers, all of which claim to be the most absorbent. How do we determine which paper towel is the most absorbent? The absorbency of a paper towel can be measured by the volume of liquid it can absorb. We are going to conduct an experiment that test the absorbency of two brands, one national brand Viva and a store brand Kroger by measuring the amount of water that each can absorb. We will answer the question: Which paper towel is more absorbent Viva or Kroger Value (store brand)?
In my research I have found that the national brands are known for their absorbency. Bounty, a national brand, claims to be “the strongest, most absorbent paper towel on the market” according to their website. It also notes that it is three times stronger than a store brand”. (Gamble, 2011) In an experiment conducted by NCSSM Leadership Institute, there was a comparison of Bounty to Viva and the results showed that Viva and Bounty were extremely close in the amount of liquid absorbed. (Unknown,
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Controlled Variables:
Measurement of liquid (60mil)
The size of each paper towel Experiment:
Put 60mil of water in a measuring cup. Submerge a folded towel in the water for 10 seconds. Remove the towel. Measure the amount of water remaining in the measuring cup to determine the amount of water removed from the measuring cup by the paper towel. The greater the amount of water removed from the measuring cup, the more absorbent the towel. Results: This experiment was conducted to see which paper towel Viva or Kroger Value would be the most absorbent. The results of the experiment show that Viva was the most absorbent. It absorbed on average 44.5mil where Kroger Value absorbed on average 42.5mil of water.

My hypothesis was that Viva would be the most absorbent. The results indicate that my hypothesis was correct. I performed this test because I wanted to know if Viva was more absorbent that the local store brand to determine if the extra cost was worth it. My findings will help other consumers make a decision based on absorbency as to which paper towel to purchase.
If I were to conduct this experiment again I would use more test groups. I would use additional store brands and additional national

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