Personal Narrative Essay: Solar Energy

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An airport is a great place to find lines of people that do nothing but have their heads glued to their phones while waiting for their flight. Sadly, I am of those mindless zombies, who sits at the tables with the provided charging ports with my phone in hand and my face staring blankly down at the screen. Often when I am in that position, I find myself scanning the environment to see people scramble in a rush to plug their phones in before it hit 0%. When I see people perform such actions, I often wonder, where does the electricity come from to charge those mindless media consumption devices? Here in Oregon, my home State which is known for constant rain, the electricity comes from a wide variety of resources such as coal and petroleum to nuclear energy. Renewable resources can be found as well--which includes water, the wind, and the sun--is a significant factor …show more content…
By moving to solar from fossil fuel, individuals can help reduce the carbon emissions, promote local control of energy consumption, and decrease electric power consumption. Not only that, there are incentives for people who convert to solar energy as well. The biggest incentive may be the federal tax credit, which is a 30% tax credit and is available for residential and commercial installations for solar power (Oregon Department Of Energy). Another huge incentive that needs to be mention is the PACE program. The program lends money to homeowners for a solar system. Sadly, it is not completely free as some may first think. Homeowners who do the PACE program would need to be paid via an additional tax assessment on the property for 20 years. Furthermore, the PACE program is not in Oregon. Nonetheless, the program is still amazing as it gives the low-income families that can 't afford solar a chance to go

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