Essay The Benefits Of Online Learning

1008 Words Feb 18th, 2016 5 Pages
A large number of students studying in higher education has increased significantly in the united kingdom and this may result in larger scale classes. In addition,it appears that traditional education is currently facing the challenge which the shortage teaching faculty condition such as many students are studying together and share sources(Fiona C.Saunders and Andrew W.Gale 2102).However,online learning have become increasingly popular in many universities in the world(Yaacov J.Katz and Yaacov B.Yablon2003) due to a variety of different benefits,such as cost effectiveness and flexibility.Expert suggest that traditional education and online learning are focused on collaborative working could show the most learn efficiency.It appears that students obtain professional knowledge easier and improve study ability.This essay will argue that although online learning have many positive effects,the traditional classroom play a leading role in students study aspects and tend to be enhanced rather than replaced.The first part of this essay will discuss the benefits of online learning and drawbacks,o.While the second part will loot at the other reasons about why traditional learning could not be replaced.Finally,the essay will conclude with online learning can replace or enhance traditional classroom. On the one hand,the model of blended learning to mix online learning with traditional classroom(Agosto et al).It seems that the course of face-to-face education as well as teaching…

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