Essay about The Benefits Of Employee Benefits

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Millennials (born between 1981 and 2000) are modern workers getting modern benefits. The difference between employee benefits twenty years ago and now is extreme. The typical bonuses, 401(k)’s, and health insurance aren’t enough to compete with the benefit packages that some companies are offering. This is helping employee morale and happiness.
In the typical employee benefit you would expect to see retirement packages, health insurance, and maybe something about a bonus. Not now. These new and “improved” benefit packages are including more and more perks to help assist with day-to-day life. Some companies are offering items in benefit packages that most people could only dream of. For example, Boxed Wholesale will pay up to $20,000 for an employee’s wedding, Atrium Staffing offers yoga, massage, and tai chi, and Businessolver give their employees onsite fitness classes. These extreme benefits are allowing companies to hold on to good workers and keeping these workers around for more than one or two years. Many “hipster” companies would offer free snacks, games, and soda machines, but this being a start-up perk is becoming a thing of the past. Mainstream companies are adopting this method and workers are enjoying it. Companies like Caruso Affiliated are even offering hospitality and concierge. These services are doing the daily chores and errands for employees while they work. VP of Learning Vincent Burneikis states that, “The gift of time, you really can’t buy.” He states…

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