Freshman 15 Benefits

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The freshman 15, two words that bring fear into the eyes of all incoming freshman. The freshman 15 is an infamous saying, claiming that all freshman gain 15 pounds their first year in college. But this isn’t surprising, if you were to take a walk around the University of Texas at San Antonio campus, you would come face to face with the nation’s unhealthiest food choices, packed with high sodium, sugar, and fat. On campus, there are a few healthy options however, these options are usually not fresh. The issue with limited healthy foods on campuses is a problem because students are unable to live a healthy lifestyle.
Freshman are not the only students struggling with this issue, it also includes upperclassmen. There are a few causes as to why
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Across the United States, school districts are cutting health classes due to budget cuts. This however, back fires toward the students. Cardinal says “health is an area being neglected, yet all the available research shows that healthy habits and healthy kids can lead to better academic success…. We are doing a disservice to our kids by not teaching them these essential life skills.” Many will say that because we are college students, we should be able to feed ourselves correctly and be able to afford the luxury. However, college students are still learning how to make the right decisions in their life. When giving the opportunity to be independent for the first time in their life, students will often make unhealthy life and meal choices. Many college students also may be on a college meal plan. These allow students to buy food either at the food court or a residential dining hall, limiting their choices of meals to their daily …show more content…
Eating healthy will help students fight against sickness and diseases. It is commonly known that eating unhealthy foods can lead to various health issues (April). The national institutes of health report that 19.1 percent of adults between the ages of 18-29 are overweight. The consumption of healthy food would increase energy levels, you would become more productive and socially active, two of which are important in college. Eating whole vegetables, lean protein and whole grains would give your body the energy it need to last the day (April). Obviously, eating healthy fights against obesity. Very often weight gain is correlated with stress, when fueling your body with healthy foods your stress level will drop and essentially you’ll see weight loss (April). Eating healthy will not only lead a healthy life style but will also lead to a professional life. As you set goals for your healthy living those will also transfer over to your personal life. You will stick to your list and have a sense of accomplishments. Instead of procrastinating that paper that your professor assigned over a month ago, a goal setter would complete the paper in advance. Completing things on time and having a positive outlook would never go unnoticed (April). Finally, healthy eating helps you to handle stress more proficiently. As it was stated previously, eating healthy increasing your energy levels for elevated productivity and socializing. If

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