Argumentative Essay: The Price Of College

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Being Junior in high school means the impending fear and excitement (mostly fear) of college and moving on to the next chapter in life. My constant mental battle is figuring out if I want to remain in state to save my parents pockets and myself from impending debt. Why is that I have to sacrifice my preference of learning establishment for the sakes of money? College education in America is strenuous and expensive. Students are forced to worry first about their debts, scholarships, loans, and all things money before even thinking of a major, sometimes even before picking a University. Why is this an issue for a well-developed nation like the US when many other nations like us have free or cheaper college education? Although there is no such …show more content…
As I stated earlier there is no such thing as a “free-ride” Germany’s residents pay higher taxes in order to help their country pay for the education, though not much more then we pay in America. I propose America should try a new post-secondary school payment plan because as a student it makes me unhappy to know I could possibly face debt for most of my life by trying to better myself in higher education. I know it would be hard for America to completely cut out the price of University cold-turkey; perhaps they could decrease the tuition to something more manageable like $600 dollar for your typical 4 year in-state-college, like Germany pre-tuition cut. $700 would be acceptable for all out of state and private colleges. This is more manageable for any student. Scholarship standards should remain the same: accepting students who excel in their area of choice and giving them a free ride. Student fees should also be paid or reduced to a more manageable cost. I think that the government and college boards forget that the majority people entering these universities for the first time are 18 and 19 years old. Meaning, this might be the first time they are on their own, and it would alleviate many problems such as drugs and other volatile actions some college students might make under pressure and stress. With the money saved student can put it toward other assets for their college career, and even improve their grades. This reduction in price will encourage study abroad and more intensive study. Now that price is out of the way as an excuse, schools can easily separate the students who are ready to learn from those who are

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